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Toward the legalization, regulation and restriction of access to marijuana

The Government of Canada has formed a Task Force on marijuana legalization and regulation. The Task Force will seek input on the design of a new system to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to marijuana. The nine-member panel is to deliver its advice to government by November. Legislation is to be tabled in Parliament next spring.

The Task Force will be looking at the many complex and uncertain issues surrounding recreational and medical use of marijuana. Here are just some of the many questions to be addressed.

  • Who should be able to grow marijuana? Should individuals be able to cultivate their own or should certain licensed growers be given a government monopoly?
  • Who should be able to buy it? Should it be against the law for people under 16? Under 18? Under 21? If so, what should the penalties be for consuming it while underage or providing it to minors?
  • Where should people be able to use marijuana? In the privacy of their homes? In their back yards? In special toking zones? While walking down the street?
  • How should marijuana be taxed? And how should those tax revenues be split between federal and provincial governments?
  • How do we test drivers or workers to see if they’re impaired? And can you test an employee for cannabis use if it’s legal?
  • How do we regulate and label marijuana and cannabis products so that people know example how much hash is in their brownies or how much THC is in their weed?

Constituents who have questions or wish to engage in this important national discussion may contact the Task Force to express your views.  The public email for the Task Force is cannabis@canada.ca

There are a number of different resources contained in the below link to Health Canada’s information page—including  an online portal and discussion paper.