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The Virtues Of A Parallel Chamber

The process of government is not something that most voters take a great deal of interest in, but it is vitally important to how effective and efficient their elected officials can be on their behalf. I wrote this paper on the merits of a parallel debating chamber in the summer of last year and it has started to take hold with my fellow Parliamentarians.  The premise of my 2018 article was that our time in Ottawa during sitting weeks is already extremely compressed. The most valuable, and most perishable, commodity members of Parliament have is time. How we use our time in Ottawa and in the riding speaks to the value we bring to the people who elect us.  My paper was re-published January 31, 2019  by Policy Options, The Public Forum For The Public Good.

It may be read in its entirety: HERE and for convenience the article is copied below.

The virtues of a parallel chamber_B_Stanton