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Thank you for your renewed confidence.

Dear Friends,

I would like to bs_forwebexpress my thanks to all who participated in the federal election these past weeks. I am humbled by the thousands of people who supported my re-election and I look forward to the term ahead with optimism and anticipation.  I am also gratified to see the nearly record (in recent times) turn-out of voters here and across the country.  It was a great day for Canada, to see so many people casting their ballot to decide who should govern us. It was a great day for democracy in our country.

To the candidates who courageously put their name on a ballot, made compelling arguments, and reached out to voters in this campaign, you have done your party and your cause proud. It was an honour to share the stage with you these last weeks.To all the people who gave of their time, or money, in this federal campaign, to support their candidate, regardless of the party or the outcome, you have helped our system of democracy to flourish.

In the term ahead, I welcome all residents who may have needs or issues to resolve in the federal realm, to be at ease seeking the services of my office.  It does not matter which way you voted, it is a privilege to be your faithful public servant.

Bruce Stanton, M.P.

Simcoe North