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Parliamentary Friends of Burma (PFOB) reconstitutes on Parliament Hill

PFOB Group Shot - May 2015June 1, 2015

Bruce Stanton, Member of Parliament for Simcoe North, is pleased to announce that the Parliamentary Friends of Burma (PFOB) held a meeting to reconstitute the friendship group on Tuesday May 26, 2015.


The PFOB met to affirm the importance of having a forum of Parliamentarians dedicated to exchanging ideas and promoting the expansion of relations between Canada and Burma, while also working to advance governance and human rights in Burma.


A constitution for the friendship group was unanimously adopted by the group of 12 Parliamentarians present at the meeting.


Following its adoption, an Executive Committee was selected, and is composed of:


Bruce Stanton, Chair

Joe Daniel, Vice-Chair

Andrew Saxton, Vice-Chair

Stella Ambler, Member

Raynell Andreychuk, Member

David Christopherson, Member

Nina Grewal, Member

Chungsen Leung, Member

Costas Menegakis, Member


MP Bruce Stanton, Chair and organizer of the meeting to reconstitute the group said, “Burma is at a critical point in their history. It is simultaneously confronting three transitions; from military to civilian rule, from tragic conflict with ethnic groups to peaceful relations, and from a closed to a more open economy. The PFOB will serve as a means for Canada’s Parliamentarians to remain informed and engaged with Burma’s path to stronger, representative governance, while recognizing the enormity of the work ahead for Burma’s people and its leaders.


Parliamentary Friendship Groups are part of Canada’s inter-parliamentary affairs organizations. They do not receive any administrative or financial support from the Parliament of Canada, as the 12 Inter-Parliamentary Associations do, but they serve to enhance relations between Canada and the country for which the Friendship Group exists. For more information on Canada’s Inter-parliamentary Affairs please go to http://www.parl.gc.ca/iia


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Ashley Peyrard

Office of Bruce Stanton, MP