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Municipal Elections – October 27, 2014

Monday’s municipal election saw a brilliant expression of democratic choice across the eight municipalities in the riding of Simcoe North.

I want to thank all of the ratepayers who took time to vote Monday.  To all the people who gave time to their candidate’s campaign and who donated to their efforts, I thank you for strengthening the election process and offering a broad range of choice for voters in Mayoralty, Deputy-Mayoralty and Ward Council elections. Equally, the staff of our municipalities, who facilitated the process, deserve credit for running an administratively impeccable election in each contest.

I thank the Councillors, Mayors and Deputy-Mayors who served their communities this last term or more and who will not be continuing during the coming term.   It is not always easy to carry the responsibility of decisions on behalf constituents, especially when there are compelling arguments on both sides of the questions you faced.

I congratulate all those who put their name forward as a candidate in offering their communities a commitment to service in local government.

And, finally to all candidates who won the confidence of the electors in their districts, I congratulate you on a winning campaign and wish you every success in your deliberations during the term ahead.  I welcome your partnership on areas of common interest between our governments and look forward to working with you on behalf of the families, businesses and residents of our region.

Bruce Stanton, M.P.

Simcoe North