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MP Stanton Invites Feedback on National Anthem

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February 27, 2015

MP Stanton invites opinions on changing the lyrics of the National Anthem

Liberal MP, Mauril Belanger, recently introduced Bill C-624, An Act to Amend the National Anthem Act (Gender). The Bill would change the lyrics of O Canada, from “…true patriot love in all thy sons command…”, to “…true patriot love in all of us command…”.

The Sponsor of the Bill suggests that by amending the lyrics, we will make O Canada more gender-neutral, and more reflective of all Canadians, both men and women.

Opponents of this Bill suggest that this Bill unnecessarily makes changes to a national symbol, and that the lyrics, as they are currently, do not alienate women.

O Canada has gone through several changes in its time. In fact, before the version that we know so well gained traction, there were at least three other English versions of the song. The final version, with the majority of the words we know, today, was penned in 1908, but had “…thou dost in us command…” rather than “…in all thy sons command…”. The words were changed in 1914 to recognize the men who had gone to fight in WWI.

MP Stanton would like to hear what constituents of Simcoe North think about this change. The Bill has had First Reading in the House of Commons, but MP Stanton is interested in constituent feedback before it comes up for a vote.

Please send your comments to:

Bruce Stanton, MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

No postage is required for mail to your Member of Parliament. Feedback can also be submitted to bruce.stanton@parl.gc.ca.

For more information please contact:

Ashley Peyrard
Parliamentary Assistant
Office of Bruce Stanton, MP
(613) 992-6582


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