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There are many important national and local issues that face us here in Simcoe North. As your Member of Parliament, it is my responsibility to listen of the full range of views, and to understand how constituents are impacted by these issues. In addition to visiting one of my two constituency offices, writing or emailing to me with your views; this on-line forum is another tool to have your say. Some issues we face are simple Yes or No decisions. Others may be very complex, nuanced and charged with emotion. Regardless of the nature of the issue, understanding your point of view is critical to my role in representing you and Simcoe North effectively.

Please participate in any of the currently available forums to have your say on a particular issue. Each Issue Forum has a closing date, after which I will get a summary of all inputs and a report of your comments.

Thanks for your participation.


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This Issues Forum is intended for use by constituents of Simcoe North as way of expressing respectful opinions on matters of local and national interest. By participating, I agree to submit only one response per forum and to provide my location for the purposes of validation. I understand that no personal information will be gathered or shared.

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