I am pleased on behalf of the Honourable Geoff Regan, Speaker of the House of Commons, to announce the launch of the renewed House of Commons website and a new social media presence.

The renewed website ourcommons.ca builds on the House of Commons’ mobile web presence and features design and content that is further adapted to mobile devices.

Features include:

  • an integrated parliamentary business calendar;
  • a live view of House business;
  • enhanced navigation and quick access to site content;
  • a gateway to visitor information and educational resources;
  • improved access to open data; and
  • a single page to access all House of Commons social media accounts.

In addition, the House of Commons is launching its social media presence on Twitter and Instagram. These official accounts will complement the renewed website and provide access to a variety of timely and factual information about the House of Commons and parliamentary activities and proceedings.

@HoCChamber – Regular updates on proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber.

@HoCCommittees – Information about the work of House of Commons Committees. Track the activities of specific committees using a hashtag and the four-letter committee acronym (e.g. #FINA for the Finance Committee).

@OurCommons – General information about the work of the House of Commons, the House Administration, arts and heritage, as well as news and announcements to the media.

The House of Commons remains committed to improving and expanding access to information about the work of Members and the institution through dynamic digital communications.

A video of the new on-line features is available to watch Here

See you online!