Combat Climate Change Policy Announced.

Combat Climate Change Policy Announced.

In my years of service since 2006, I have seen growing concern for the environment, especially on climate change action. Last month my party released its approach to action on climate change and I was pleased to see it contained concrete, effective measures that will meet or exceed the government’s emission reduction targets while keeping the economy strong.  The Conservative policy to combat climate change may be found here –

Download “Secure the Environment - CPC Policy Outline” Secure-the-Enviroment-CPC-policy.pdf – Downloaded 14 times – 3 MB

Prior to its announcement, the plan was assessed by Navius Research, a respected, independent and non-partisan consultancy based in Vancouver. Their conclusions were that the party’s climate change plan will, indeed, get faster emission reductions and stronger economic growth by 2030, than the current government’s plan.

You may read the full assessment here –

Download “Navius-Research-Policy-Assessment” Navius-Research-Policy-Assessment-2021-04-16.pdf – Downloaded 12 times – 307 KB

We need a climate change action plan which fits with economic growth as we transition to low-emission economy and exceeds Canada’s Paris Accord goals. There is no approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing temperature rise that won’t involve us bearing the financial burden that comes with it. The best approach is one that spreads that burden across many years, so it is manageable and meets our targets.