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CBSA Barrie Office Closure Announced

My MP colleagues from Simcoe County and the surrounding area and I are quite concerned by the recent announcement that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Office in Barrie will be closing as of September 29th, with local businesses now having to contact the CBSA office at Pearson International Airport for assistance.

As MP Brassard notes in his recent release (http://johnbrassard.com/liberals-closing-customs-office-in-barrie/) the closure was announced as a “proposed” measure two weeks ago, but it seems there was no invitations to consultation or any ability to provide comment.

You will know that Barrie, and the regions around it, like ours, are among the fastest growing economies in Ontario. Services to the area include three sizable regional airports – Lake Simcoe Regional, Huronia and Muskoka; all of them critical parts of the economic infrastructure that attracts investments and supports job creation. It is likely they will be negatively impacted by this unfortunate decision.

I’ve written to Minister Goodale asking that he not proceed with the closure.