Bruce in Public Service

I am proud to call Simcoe North my home and the place where my family has made their livelihood since 1884 when my Great Great Grandfather piloted the waters of Lake Couchiching and the Severn River for the local lumber company. Working at our Sparrow Lake family resort I learned the value of good customer service and the importance of financial discipline. 

ds_webPublic life was never far from my 25 years working in the family business. My father served in Municipal Councils in Orillia Township in the 60’s and 70’s.  I volunteered in the riding association, provincially and federally from 1979 onward and I challenged provincial nomination contests for the Provincial PC Party in 1987 and 1999.  After serving as a Councillor in the Township of Severn from 1999 to 2003, I could see that service in the public arena could bring tangible and valuable help to the residents of my community.  After the 2004 federal election and the merger of the two federal Conservative legacy parties, the opportunity to run for office federally presented itself and I won the next election in 2006.


In the ten years since, I have used the customer service approach learned from decades in the business, to solve problems, help attract record federal investment, and provide services to the people of Simcoe North that contribute to their quality of life in our area. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment in serving the people in the riding.  People here appreciate even the slightest steps you take to help them.  They represent the most generous and civil a community as one could ever hope to represent.  The people in this riding make me proud to represent the riding, each and every day.



Bruce Stanton, M.P., Simcoe North


Public Service Highlights

1981 to 2003
Simcoe East Provincial PC Association (1985)
Simcoe North Federal PC Association  (1998 to 2003)

Led merger discussions with local Canadian Alliance during summer 2003 and the two legacy parties merged in December of that year..

2003 to 2005
Simcoe North Federal Conservative Party

Founding Member of the Board – 2004, Candidate for Nomination – May 2005

Member of Parliament, Simcoe North
Elected January 2006.  Re-elected in October 2008.   Re-elected in May 2011. Re-elected in October 2015

39th Parliament – January 2006 – October 2008
Member, Standing Committee for Status of Women
Member, Standing Committee for Information, Privacy and Ethics, 2006-2007
Member, Standing Committee for Industry, 2007-2008

40th Parliament – November 2008 – March 2011
Chair, Standing Committee for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Member, Liaison Committee of Parliament

41st Parliament – June 2011 to August 2015
Assistant Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole
Chair of Parliamentary Friends of Burma (Myanmar)

42nd Parliament – December 2015 to Present
Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees of the Whole
Chair of Parliamentary Friends of Burma (Myanmar)