On Guard For – A Safer Canada

Just recently we learned that the government has directed that the RCMP cease activities that protect our Great Lakes by disbanding the Ontario Division of the Marine Security Enforcement Team (MSET) program. As you may be well aware, Canadian Coast Guard vessels are not armed, so MSET is a joint operation between the Canadian Coast Guard and the RCMP to provide armed security for the entirety of the Great Lakes. MSET is a key component to protecting Canada’s border, defending national security and combatting trans-national organized crime. MSET patrols known smuggling routes and intercepts guns, drugs, contraband tobacco and other illegal items destined for organized crime in Canada.

The RCMP is also the only police force in Canada able to enforce the Customs Act between Official Ports of Entry and the only force responsible for ensuring Canada’s national security.

MSET has bases in Sault Ste. Marie, Niagara on the Lake and Hamilton–Niagara strategically placed to provide protection for all of the Great Lakes. All three of these bases are closing down, effectively leaving the protection of over 1500km of the Ontario border to the last line of defence. Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to reinstate MSET and restore the protection of our borders. Here is a video on the issue from some of my caucus colleagues: